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Leads for Brokers Delivered in Real-Time

What is a real-time lead?

A real-time lead is delivered directly to a broker the instant a customer fills out a form on the lead providers web site. The leads is delivered directly to the brokers specified CRM. This gives the broker the advantage to contact the customer right away, thus increasing their chances of converting leads to sales.

Qualified Leads

We collect the following information from customers to ensure leads are qualified

Name, phone, e-mail, vehicle year, vehicle make, vehicle model, vehicle type, shipping type, shipping date, pickup city, pickup state, pickup zip. drop off city, drop off state, and drop off zip.

High Conversion Rates

Brokers report conversion rates of 8.2% with our leads.

Example: You purchase 1,000 leads at $2 for $2,000, then convert 8.2% (82 deals). With an average broker commission of $150 your gross profit would be $12,300. After your $2k investment, you've got $10,300 in profit!

Note: Just like any long term campaign, performance will fluctuate. Seasons also affect performance. A long term campaign is key to properly analyzing performance.

Domestic U.S. Leads.

We provide leads for customers needing to ship their vehicles within the continental United States.

Note that we do NOT provide leads for Alaska, Canada, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, USVI, or any other overseas destinations.

Our leads are compatible with any CRM.

We are already setup with most CRM providers.

We deliver leads directly to your CRM via e-mail, or HTTP POST (JSON data or URL encoded). We can provide leads in any format you need as well.

Auto Transport CRMs
BATS (Ibility Media)
Megabee (CarrierSoft)
Message.Plane (Ultimate Transport 123)
And Custom CRMs

Payment Options

We accept several convenient forms of payment

Contact us to discuss payment options

We do not accept credit cards

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