Our 100% mission is on producing top quality car shipping leads

Most important, a large section of our brings produced are call confirmed. This is due to the fact that we put our toll-free number and online talk ms windows on all our sites. Customers these days feel more assured providing their details over the device straight to a person. Therefore, we gather the quotation demand details over the device and then publish that as an online insurance cause in our system. Then it immediately goes out to our clients as a real-time cause. These types of brings produce the biggest transformation rates!

Majority of our clients review a 3-8% transformation percentages. This are different for every agent and their overall advertisement and ability on ending brings. Based on how well the cause is worked; How fast the cause is called and emailed; Whether or not they give follow up e-mails or calls; Strong revenue pitch; Excellent client service; Friendliness; Loyalty etc…

We assurance our price per cause is no more that $1.25 per cause. However, throughout the year our cause price earnings around $1.05 -$1.25 per cause, based upon on periodic variations. If we are able to obtain and deliver additional brings in a month (which is usually the case in the spring/summer months), we will always try to deliver you additional brings. This is at no additional price to you!