The higher the transformation amount the better the lead brings

So long as the brings are indeed bogus, we will give you credit score for each one. You can contact us any here we are at more information about our bogus cause credit score system. Remember, our brings come in real-time and they’re entirely natural and not packed. This means that you’re paying for quality brings whenever. Couple that with a replica cause credit score system and you have a formula for a cause company who actually, truly works for you.

Let’s face it – many car shipping cause suppliers just sell you brings and tell you to deal with the imitations and the copies. We don’t do that. To begin with, bogus brings are bad for business. If the industry conventional cause transformation is 3%, bad brings turn at about 1%, and bogus brings turn a huge 0%. Compared with other cause suppliers, we have assessments in place to avoid a large majority of bogus brings. Of course, we can’t capture them all, which is why we have a buyback assurance.