You have complete control of your leads with us

We offer the flexibility to start and stop your leads at any time, without locking you into any contracts. Going on vacation or need to take time off? No problem! Just let us know and we’ll adjust your invoice and payments accordingly.

So, how much do our leads cost?

We guarantee a cost of no more than $1.25 per lead. Throughout the year, our lead cost averages around $1.05 – $1.25 per lead, depending on seasonal fluctuations. If we generate extra leads in a particular month, typically during the spring/summer months, we’ll send them your way at no additional cost!

Our pay-as-you-go system accepts weekly payments

With the option to split your monthly invoice into four weekly payments. This means that you can pay anywhere from $125 – $1500 per week based on the number of leads per day you want to receive.

Final Thoughts

We also guarantee that each auto transport lead is unique, sent to only nine other brokers. Through regularly scheduled testing, we confirm that no one is sharing or reselling leads. This way, you won’t compete with the same brokers for every lead. Our system randomly rotates leads to ensure that each one is unique in terms of competition. Choose Leads for flexible, cost-effective, and high-quality leads that work for your business.