Our primary goal is to generate high-quality auto transport leads

Our clients typically report a 3-8% conversion ratio, although this can vary depending on each broker’s sales pitch, follow-up strategy, customer service, etc. Success rates are directly correlated to how well the leads are worked. For example, fast and effective calling and emailing, as well as employing excellent customer service, friendliness, and honesty, can all lead to higher conversion rates.

A significant portion of our leads are call-verified

As we prominently display our toll-free number and online chat windows on all our websites. This increases consumer confidence in providing information over the phone, allowing us to collect quote requests and promptly submit them to our customers as real-time leads. These types of leads are known for their high conversion rates.

In addition to the quality of our leads

We closely monitor and test our clients to ensure they don’t engage in low-ball quoting or other gimmicks that could deceive the customer. Our ultimate goal is to sell leads to brokers who prioritize customer satisfaction and take honest steps to transport customers’ cars. Choose Leads for high-quality leads you can trust!